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March is know to be the windy month.  I love living in Sayre but during the month of March I often finding myself thinking that I would rather be someplace other than in Sayre.  Like most things I do get over this feeling.  Let us look at the fun things March brings: rain; Spring Break; contests; scholarship applications; sometimes Easter, but not this year, warmer weather;  trees start budding out and early flowers are peeking up out of the soil; people are getting the ground ready for their gardens; and birthdays.   March is a good month.

Seniors, the time is passing fast, graduation is just around the corner. You only have just about two  months before you will be out of high school.  Some of you will be starting in the work force and some will be planning on  going to college and probably will have to work while attending college.  Don't worry it will all be fine.  Whatever you choose, I hope you are very successful in all you try to do.  Always be kind.   Good Luck!

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Hello, this is Tina Page Turner aka Mrs. Pipkin welcoming you to

Sayre Middle School / High School Library!

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